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Faculty: Add Users to a Course Site
Posted by Hart Wilson, Last modified by Hart Wilson on 03 January 2017 04:20 PM

Moodle enrollments are synchronized with Banner. In most cases, therefore, it is not necessary for you to add or remove students in Moodle. To combine enrollments from multiple CRN's, follow these instructions.

Under special circumstances, you may wish to add a user to your Moodle course site. For example:

  • You would like a student with an "Incomplete" to complete his or her course work in your current Moodle site.
  • You wish to give immediate access to a student who is "wait-listed."
  • Your teaching assistant needs to add content or enter grades.
  • Another instructor would like to participate in your course or view your course content.

Note!If you enroll a wait-listed student in Moodle, be sure to check your official class roster to verify that the student has formally registered for the class. Being able to access the course site and attend class may lull the student into a false sense of having registered and lead to problems at the end of the term when grades are posted.

Add userYou can add users to a single CRN site or to a combined (meta) course as follows:

  1. Click on the Users link in the Course Administration block.
  2. Click on Enrolled users.
  3. Click on the link in the upper right corner labeled Enroll users.
  4. In the Enroll user box that pops up, choose the role that you wish the user to have (student, non-editing teacher, etc.) from the Assign roles drop-down menu at the top of the box.
  5. Enter the person's name in the search field at the bottom of the page and click on Search.
  6. Select the person that you want to enroll from the results list and click on the Enroll button associated with his/her name.
  7. Click on Finish enrolling users at the bottom of the box to return to your course.

Multiple Users with the Same Name

It can be tricky figuring out who's who in Moodle when more than one user has the same name. If your search on a student's name returns more than one user with the same name, enroll one or more of them according to the instructions above. Once a student is enrolled, you can see if you enrolled the correct student by clicking on the picture associated with the student's name, bringing up the student's profile. Check the student's email address against your roster to see if you have enrolled the right student.

If you have two students with the same display name enrolled in your class, you can distinguish between the two by creating a group for one of them—contact the Center for Instructional Support for assistance.

Quick Tips for Enrolling Numerous Students

Depending on the number of students you need to enroll, you might find these tips helpful:

  • Download a class roster in Excel format from Banner. Log into Inside SOU and select the Faculty Tools link under Banner Self-Service in the Online Services section. In the Faculty Classes and Schedule area, click on the link labeled Class List Download to Excel. Print the resulting file or leave it open on your computer to refer to from the Enroll users page in your Moodle course site.
  • Open two separate windows logged in to Moodle—one open to the "destination" course you wish to enroll students in and the other to the "donor" course that has the students listed that you wish to enroll. Reduce the size of both windows so that you can see the list of donor students while you work in the destination site.
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