How to Submit and View Help Tickets
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1) Navigate to or click the Home button on this page. Either action will take you to the support home page, depicted above.

Login box

2) Log in using your SOU credentials. NOTE: You may also log in from the page you are viewing this article in.

Support front page after logging in.

3) After logging in, you will have the option to submit a new help ticket or review your current help tickets by using the buttons on the front page, which I have highlighted in the picture below. You can also use the Submit a ticket and View tickets buttons along the top of the screen.


Submit a Ticket


1) Click Submit a ticket on the top bar or Submit a ticket on the front page

List of computing coordinators

2) Select which department or person to send your ticket to. When in doubt, send your ticket to your Computing Coordinator.

Composing your ticket message

3) Compose your ticket message as you would an email. Please be as descriptive as possible when composing your message, and unless you are absolutely sure that your issue constitutes an emergency, leave the priority of the ticket set to “Normal.” NOTE: You can attach files to your ticket message to help us diagnose your problem by clicking the Add file button.

Image of Kayako bringing up help articles that might be of use to you as you type

4) As you compose your message, our ticket system will automatically populate a list of articles in our Knowledgebase that might be helpful to you. If you happen to see one that looks promising, by all means click on its entry. Doing so will launch a new browser tab, allowing you to look at the article and then go back to your message without losing your work.

Scrolling past the automated suggestions to find the submit button

When you’re finished composing your message, scroll down past all of the article suggestions and click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

The confirmation page you see after you have submitted your ticket 

5) Clicking the Submit button will take you to a confirmation page with your Ticket ID. A confirmation email will also be delivered to your SOU inbox.

Confirmation email

You have now successfully submitted your first support ticket. Congratulations! You can check the status of the ticket you just submitted at any time by either clicking the link included in the automated response email or by following the instructions in the next section.


View Your Tickets


1) Navigate to and either click the View tickets button in the banner along the top of the page or click the view tickets button on front page button on the front page.

View tickets button on front page

2) Notice there is one ticket in the list, corresponding to the ticket we just submitted a moment ago. It is green because the status of the ticket is still "Open."

Picture of our open ticket

3) After someone begins working on your ticket, the status should change to "In Progress" and the color of the bar should change to blue.

Image of our in-progress ticket

4) Click on the name of the ticket, above the Ticket ID, to view whatever comments have been added to your ticket and post a reply. You will often receive an email when someone updates your ticket. If you reply to that email, a comment will automatically be generated for you in that ticket. For now, let’s assume that you want to submit a reply from within our ticketing system. In the example above, you would click on Test.

Detail view of your ticket

5) Once you have pulled up your ticket by clicking on its name, you can submit a reply by clicking on the post replybutton in the top-right corner of the page. Ignore the Update button next to it. The Update button is used to change the status of your ticket, which you should leave to us. If you feel that the priority of your ticket needs to be elevated, please post a reply to that effect or contact your Computing Coordinator.

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