Accessing ownCloud through WebDav on Linux

We generally recommend that you use the ownCloud client, but, if you prefer, you may also connect your Linux to your ownCloud server by using the WebDAV protocol rather than using a special client application.  With WebDav, you can access your ownCloud files from your Linux in the same way as any network share.

The major Linux desktop environments, GNOME and KDE, have built-in support for WebDav.  For advanced options, such as mounting the file system using davfs, or information about using KDE, read the official ownCloud documentation.  For KDE only, use webdav:// as the URL in Dolphin.


To access your ownCloud through GNOME, open the Nautilus File Manager (aka Files).  In the title bar, click Files and Connect to Server...


NOTE: If you do not have the connect to server option in Nautilus, just type Ctrl-L and enter the server address listed below in the folder path field provided at the top of the screen.

In the server address field, type in davs:// and click Connect

After entering your SOU Username and Password, you will be connected and you should be able to browse to your ownCloud just like any other folder on your computer.