(Android) How to connect to remotedesktop.sou.edu or virtuallab.sou.edu from Android

SOU offers remote access to a full Windows desktop using Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services.  This service is available on any device that supports an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iOS, and Android.

To begin using remotedesktop.sou.edu or virtuallab.sou.edu on Android, you will need to install an App that supports RDP.  We recommend Microsoft Remote Desktop, or Chrome Remote Desktop, we will be using the Microsoft version for the following instructions. 

After starting the RDP app, you should see the Add connection screen.


After tapping Add connection, you should see dropdown. Select Desktop.

 This will bring you to the next settings screen, enter remotedesktop.sou.edu or virtuallab.sou.edu

Click on the newly created RDP connection to connect. 

Enter sou\username where username is replaced with your SOU username (do not include @sou.edu) and your network password.

Click Connect to begin.