Courses Drive (X:) Explained

SOU provides a special directory that faculty and students can use to share files. A folder is automatically created each term for each CRN. You can access the Courses directory from any of the following ways:
1. From an on-campus PC, select the X: drive in My Computer or Windows Explorer
2. From a on-campus Mac, connect to from by going to the Menu and clicking Go...Connect to Server... (See this article for more information)
3. From off-campus or from a mobile devices (phone, tablet), use ownCloud:
  1. Log into and click on the ownCloud icon (next to the Moodle icon).
    (Or you can go to and log in with your SOU user name and password.)
  2. On the next screen, you will see a series of folders in the left panel. 
    Click on the plus sign in front of "Courses."
  3. A folder will display for each course that you are teaching or taking during the current term.
  4. Click on the plus sign in front of a course name to view the subfolders and select the appropriate sub-folder (see descriptions below).
  5. Click on the Upload button to post files.
Each course has three sub-folders:
  • CourseFiles - Used by the instructor to post files for the class. Students can view and download files but cannot upload files here.
  • DropBox - Used by students to post files for the instructor. Students can see only their own files.
  • Gallery - Used by all class members to share files with each other. All students and the  instructor have Read and Write access to this folder. 
The Courses Directory is a good place for posting class files, especially ones that are too large for Moodle (over 50 MB). The folders are removed at the end of each term, and new ones created for the following term. 
X Drive Explained
Faculty: For more information about the Courses directory, please contact your Computing Coordinator. Also, you can contact the Center for Instructional support to find out about other options for distributing large multimedia files. 
Students: Contact the Help Desk if you need assistance with the Courses Directory.