Enrolling Gaming devices

To enroll a gaming device in SafeConnect:

1.  Get the MAC address of the device

2.  Find the device in SafeConnect

3.  Click on Device Enrollment

4.  Add the MAC address, device type, and possibly a note

5.  Open the SafeConnect page for the device

6.  SSH into the Aruba controller

7.  From the Enabled prompt type aaa user delete mac [followed by the MAC address (in 00:00:00:00:00:00 format)] DON'T HIT ENTER YET

8.  From the SafeConnect page click on Toggle Client Operations

9.  Select Expire and click on Submit Operation

10.  Once the page reloads lick on Toggle Client Operations again

11.  Select Purge and click on Submit Operation

12.  Go back to the SSH window and hit Enter 

This will enroll the gaming device and purge the old entry from both SafeConnect and Aruba.  Doing so will allow the device to connect using its new Device Enrollment role within SafeConnect.