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How to Enable Access to Banner Browserless on a Personal Computer

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In order to access Banner from a personal computer, you need to tell Java not to block This article describes how to enable that exception.

Step 1 - Launch the Configure Java applet



On either Windows 7 or Windows 10, you can easily find the Configure Java applet by searching for it in your Start Menu. If you prefer to locate it within your Start Menu's list of all programs, you will find it under a folder called Java.




On Macintosh, launch System Preferences and look for the Java Configuration applet in the bottom row of icons.

Step 2 - Edit the Site List

The instructions from here on out use screenshots taken on Windows, but the Java Configuration window is laid out the same in both Windows and Macintosh, so the instructions are applicable to both platforms.

Click on the Security tab within the Java Configuration App and then click on the Edit Site List button next to the listbox. The listbox will probably be empty on your personal computer. That is normal.

Step 3 - Add Banner to the Exception Site List

Within the Exception Site List window, click on the Add button, which will insert a new text field at the top of the listbox. Click within that text field and then type in (or copy and paste) and then click on OK. When you return to the previous window, click OK again and then you are finished.

Step 4 - Allow Banner to Run

When you run Banner Browserless for the first time after adding the exception, Java will still prompt you to give it permission to run the application. After you give it permission to run by clicking the checkbox next to "I accept the risk and want to run this application" and then clicking Run, it should never ask you again.

You will know that everything worked when you see the Banner login window below. Just enter your Banner username and your Banner password, leave the database field blank, and then click Connect. If you do not know what your Banner username is or how to set your Banner password, contact your Computing Coordinator.