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How to Find Your Network Drives (P, S, X) within Windows - Knowledgebase / Networking and Wireless / Network Drives - SOU IT Help Desk

How to Find Your Network Drives (P, S, X) within Windows

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This article will show you how to locate your SOU-provided network drives within a Windows environment. If you cannot locate your drives despite following these instructions, contact your Computing Coordinator.

Step 1 - Launch File Explorer

Method 1 - Using the shortcut in your task bar

Look for it to the right of the Start Menu. It looks like a manila folder. Click it to launch File Explorer.

Method 2 - Using the shortcuts in your Start Menu

Click on your Start Menu, then look for the File Explorer shortcut pinned to the right of your list of applications. You can also find the shortcut within your list of applications under Windows System. Click either shortcut to launch File Explorer.

Method 3 - Using the Windows Key + E keyboard shortcut

This method is quick and easy. Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard, then press E to launch File Explorer.

Step 2 - Go to "This PC" or look for the network drives in the side bar

The File Explorer window should show you a list of quick access locations along the left side of the window. If you click on This PC, it will show you all of your connected drives, including the mounted network drives for your P drive, your S drive, and the X drive.

You will also find quick access shortcuts to your network drives down the list from This PC.

You will see these same options when browsing for a location to save a file.