Installing ownCloud on Linux

SOU offers the ownCloud synchronization service for your network P Drive.  ownCloud, like DropBox and Google Drive, allows you to take your files anywhere with you on any device.

To get started, download the latest client for Linux.  ownCloud is available for most major distributions including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and OpenSUSE.

You will need to follow the specific installation instructions for your distribution.

Once you have installed the ownCloud client, launch it from your desktop environment.  In GNOME, click All Applications and either browse to ownCloud desktop sync client or search for 'owncloud.'

 OwnCloud Client Installation Step 1


In the Server Address field, type in and click Next.

OwnCloud Client Installation Step 2

In the user name field, type in your SOU username.  In the Password field, enter your SOU password.  Click Next when you are finished.

OwnCloud Client Installation Step 3

Click 'Choose what to sync' and a new window like the one below will appear.

OwnCloud Client Installation Step 4

Uncheck the boxes next to Courses and Depts (they will not synchronize anyway) and leave the checks next to Home and Share.  Click OK when finished.  You will be returned to the window above.  Click Connect... to continue. 

Note: You can still access Courses and Depts from the web interface.

OwnCloud Client Installation Step 5

Click Finish and setup is complete.  The contents of your P Drive (aka Home) and your Share folder will begin to synchronize.  Depending on the size of your ownCloud, it may take just a few minutes to a few hours.

Files with certain illegal names will not be synced.  For more information about excluded files, see this knowledgebase article.