Students: Viewing Grades in "Moodlerooms Grader"

Instructors may enter grades and feedback for your assignments and discussion postings in Moodlerooms Grader. If your instructor is using Moodlerooms Grader, your scores and feedback will be displayed with all of your scores when you click Grades in the Navigation block on your course home page. If your instructor is using a rubric to assess your work, you can see how well you did by clicking on Moodlerooms Grader. Grades and comments entered through Moodlerooms Grader will appear in your regular grade book, however your scores on specific elements of rubrics will not—you'll need to open Moodlerooms Grader to view special scoring forms.

The image below shows you what you can expect to see. In this example, the instructor has graded an assignment and offered feedback to the student. You can select activities to review by clicking on the navigational arrows in the activity selection box just above the instructor's feedback.

screenshot of Moodlerooms grader interface