Advanced Remote Desktop Connection Options for MAC OS

The Remote Desktop Connection version 8 program in Macintosh OS X offers many advanced features that can enhance your experience with or

Available options include:

Clipboard Sharing

All of these settings are available by right clicking (control + click) the named connection after starting Remote Desktop Connection.

The resulting prompt looks like this.( This can also be done when you first create the connection )

An important setting is the ‘Use All Monitor’ setting, if you are using multiple displays the default setting is to use all monitors available. I have found it to be better to use just one, but that is a matter of preference. Here is where you make the adjustment.

There are also adjustments for sound, printing and mouse. You can access them by clicking the ‘Session’ icon on the header bar.

If you have multiple connections listed, as in the example above, you can set the preferences individually for each connection independently from each other.

For more information click here Microsoft Remote Desktop