Faculty: Course Settings in Moodle (Dates vs. Topics)

Most of us choose to organize our Moodle course sites by either dates or topics. Choosing your course format and updating the weekly dates are handled in the Edit settings link in the Course administration block.

CalendarChoose Format

Click on Edit settings and expand the Course format option area, just beneath the course description. From the pull-down menu, choose "Weekly format" or "Topics format." Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save changes.

Update Terms Dates

If you choose the weekly format, you may need to update the dates for the current term. In Edit settings, locate the field in the General settings area at the top of the page labeled Course start date. Use the pull-down menus to set the day, month and year of the term's start date. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save changes.

Bonus Tip—Customize Your Section Titles

Edit topic nameTo rename sections, with editing turned on, click on the Edit topic name icon in the summary area. Type in the new name and hit Enter to save your changes.