How to Enroll Your Personal Phone in SOU Alert

Southern Oregon University uses an online product, which we call SOU Alert, to send out emergency alerts and inclement weather notifications. By default, employees' work phones should be enrolled in the system already, but we encourage everyone to enroll their personal phones as well so that you can receive these important alerts wherever you happen to be. This article will show you how to enroll another phone in SOU Alert.

Step 1 - Access SOU Alert from within InsideSOU

You will find the link in the blue box in the top-right region of InsideSOU after you have logged in. Click on the Alerts tab and then click on the link Manage Your SOU Alert Account.

A picture of the Alerts tab in InsideSOU which contains the link to manage your SOU Alert Account.

Step 2 - Click "Add a New Phone Number"

Look for the Add new Phone Number link under the Phone Numbers section of the SOU Alert page.

A picture of where to find the Add Phone Number link.

Step 3 - Enter Your Phone Number and Configure Options

We recommend that you enable both voice and text alerts using the check boxes when enrolling a cell phone. Also be sure to check the box that allows the SOU Alert system to send you those alerts since standard rates may apply depending on your cellular phone plan. If you are enrolling a personal landline phone number, you do not need to check the box to allow text messages, although it will not hurt if you leave it checked.

A picture of entering the phone number and checking the boxes to enable and allow voice and text alerts.

Step 4 - Click the Save Button at the Bottom of the Screen

Make sure to save your changes before you leave the webpage!

A picture of where to find the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5 (Optional) - Add the SOU Alert Phone Number to Your Contacts

We recommend that you add the SOU Alert phone number to your phone's contacts so that incoming calls and text messages from the SOU Alert system will show up with a helpful label such as "SOU Alert."

The phone number for the SOU Alert system is (541) 552-7672.