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SOU-Wireless Guest Login

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If you do not have an SOU account and wish to get on SOU-Wireless from your PC or Mac, you will be asked to create and sign into a guest account.

You will either:

1) Need to have access to your email (Ex. On your smart phone or webmail on a computer that you does have internet access)

2) Allow a text to your cell phone (You'll need to fill out the "optional" cell number field)

3) Or after you complete the form, call the Help Desk at 541-552-6900 where an IT Coordinator can look up your newly generated name and password for you


Here's what the login process looks like for a guest user. When you first try to get online, your browser will show our captive portal. Scroll down and click Request a Guest Account.



 You will then need to fill out the guest access form. Note that this can only be filled out once per email, so if you don't have access to your email and would like a text to give you your name/password, please enter your mobile number and provider in the optional fields.



Then you will see a screen that your request has been approved.



Please check your email or text for your login information, click "Click here to sign in", and enter those credential in the captive portal.