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8434D+ Digital Phone User's Guide - Knowledgebase / Telephone - SOU IT and Service Center Help Desk

8434D+ Digital Phone User's Guide

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The Volume Buttons

The volume buttons may be used in several ways.  These buttons can be used to adjust the ringer volume when the phone is hung up and idle.  Similarly, they can be used when on a call (using either the handset or the speakerphone) to adjust the call volume.

Shift Button

Use the SHIFT button to access the second function (printed next to the button) of some buttons.

Reset Speaker

If the Speakerphone light is flashing (usually after a power outage), you may need to reset the speakerphone.  To accomplish this, you simply press the SHIFT button and then press the SPEAKER button.

Transferring a call

  • To transfer a call to another extension or number.
    1. During the call press TRANSFER.
    2. Dial the extension where call is to be transferred OR press the pre-programmed button where call is to be transferred.
      • You may privately talk to the person to whom the call is to be transferred.
    3. Press TRANSFER to complete the transfer.
    4. Hang up

Test Button

  • To test the lights and display on your phone.
    1. Press and hold down TEST.
      • Green Test light goes on.
      • Button lights go on in four separate groups, and all display segments fill in.
    2. To end the test, release TEST.

Conference calling

The 8434D+ digital telephone only supports conference calls of up to 6 parties (You and 5 others).  If you need a larger conference call, you can order a MeetMe conference here.

  • To add another party to a call.
    1. Press CONF
    2. Dial the number of the new party and wait for an answer.
    3. Press CONF again.
    4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for additional conference connections.


Press the MUTE button to turn off the microphone. When the button is depressed, the other person on the call cannot hear your conversation.  The light above the button will turn on.


Press DROP to disconnect from the current call.


  • To place/answer a call using the speakerphone.
    1. Press SPEAKER.
    2. Place or answer the call.
    3. Adjust speakerphone volume if necessary.
      • For raising or lowering the receive volume of the speakerphone. Press the up arrow to raise the volume. Press the down arrow to lower the volume.
        • This will only increase the volume of the speaker on the local phone, it will not affect the other party's volume.


  • To put a call on hold
    1. Press HOLD.
  • To answer a new call while active on another
    1. Press HOLD.
    2. Press the call appearance button of the incoming call (green light next to the button will be flashing slowly).
  • To return to a held call
    1. Press the call appearance button of the held call (green light next to the button will be flashing rapidly).

Call Coverage

  • To send all incoming calls straight to voicemail
    1. Pick up the handset or press the SPEAKER button.
    2. Dial *8.
    3. Hang up
  • The Take a phone off of call coverage and return the phone to normal operations
    1. Pick up the handset or press the SPEAKER button.
    2. Dial #88, you will hear a succession of beeps.
    3. Hang up.

Call Pickup

  • To answer a phone in you pick-up group (if configured by I.T.)
    1. Pickup the handset or press the SPEAKER button.
    2. Dial *7 or press the Call Pickup speed dial button (if configured by I.T.).
    3. Begin talking immediately.

Changing the Ringtone

  • Press the Shift button
  • Press the Hold Button
    • This will play a ringtone, cycle through the ringtones until you find one you like

Bridging/Manual Exclusion

  • To answer a bridged call.
    1. Press the button of the bridged extension and lift the handset or press SPEAKER (green light next to the button will be flashing slowly).

Call Forwarding

  • To forward your phone to another extension
    1. Pickup the Handset or press the SPEAKER button
    2. Dial *2 followed by the 5-digit extension to which you'd like to forward your phone
  • To turn off call forwarding
    1. Pickup the handset of press the SPEAKER button
    2. Dial #22.
    3. Hang up.

Programming Speed Dial buttons

Speed dial buttons must be programmed by I.T.  Contact your Computing Coordinator or send an e-mail to


Advanced Features

Using the Softkeys

You can display any of the softkey features by pressing the MENU button and then the softkey below the feature abbreviation. If the feature you want is not on the bottom line of the screen, press NEXT> or <PREV until you see the feature you wish to access. When the feature is active, and arrow appears above the feature. (However, if the feature requires you to dial a telephone number or extension, such as Call Forwarding, you will temporarily see the digits you are dialing rather than the arrow, above the feature name.)

Date and Time

To display the date and time on your telephone display.

  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Press the button under the TmDay selection
    • This will temporarily display the date and time on the screen
  3. Wait until the time and date disappears
  4. Press the Exit button


Abbreviated Dialing (AD) List

An Abbreviated Dialing list is a virtual list that is stored on the telephone switch.  As this list is virtual, there is no way from the phone to view the list so it becomes important to write down the information or contact I.T.

  • To Program/reprogram an outside number or extension into a personal Abbreviated Dial list
    1. Pick up the handset or press the SPEAKER button
    2. Press softkey below Prog (if shown on the display, otherwise press NEXT> or <PREV until it appears).
      • If Prog doesn't appear on the menu, you may also hit #80.
    3. Dial Personal List number (1, 2,or 3).
      • If after you press the list number you get a waive-off tone, please contact the helpdesk at 2-6900.
    4. Dial list item (1-99).
    5. Dial number you want to store (up to 24 digits). (You may be able to use the softkeys to add special features such as Pause, Mark, Wait, or Suppress into the telephone numbers programmed on the button).
    6. Press #.
      • For example, to program the helpdesk, press (Prog + 1 + 1 + 26900 + #)
    7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 to program additional items on the same list.
    8. Hang up.
  • To use an Abbreviated Dial list
    1. Listen for dial tone.
    2. Dial * followed by the List Number (0-2), followed by the Abbreviated Dial Code Number (1-99)
      • NOTE: An interesting feature of creating lists, is your first list translates to list 0 in the system. Your second list is numbered list 1 in the system. Keep this in mind when you access and use your lists

    • For instance to dial the helpdesk from the example above dial (*0 + 1)

Automatic Callback

  • To automatically place another call to an extension that was busy or did not answer
    1. During the call attempt, press the softkey below AutoCB (if shown on the display, otherwise press NEXT> or <PREV until it appears).
    2. Hang up. You will hear a 3-burst priority ring when both you and the called extension are idle.
    3. Pick up the handset or press Speaker to be connected to call.
  • To cancel Automatic Callback
    1. While on-hook, press the softkey below AutCB again.


The on-phone Directory

The Avaya 8434D+ digital phone has the option to have an on-phone telephone directory for on-campus extensions.  This feature must be enabled by I.T.  The on-phone directory information is based on Caller-ID information, so some people may not appear in the on-phone directory.

Using the on-phone directory

  • Press the Menu button.
  • Press the button under Dir.
  • Begin typing in the person's name (last name first) using the numeric keypad.
    • When typing the name, you only need to press the key once for each letter of the person's name.
    • The name will appear on the phone screen with the name and extension
      • If there are no matches, the screen will indicate "NO MATCHES"
  • If there are multiple names that match (e.g. "Smith"), it may become necessary to press the Next> button to scroll through all of the matching names.

Making a call from the on-phone directory

  • Once you have found the person in the directory to whom you'd like to place a call, press the Make Call button (if available), or press Exit and dial the number manually.

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