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Amazon Web Services Account Creation

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To apply for the Amazon AWS Educate program, you'll first need to create an AWS account.  Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to and click Create a Free Account

AWS Step 1

Step 2: Enter your email address.  You may use an existing Amazon account (i.e. an account you use for shopping at if you have one or select I am a new user.

AWS Step 2

Step 3: Enter the requested information and click Create Account.

AWS Step 3

Step 4: Select Personal Account, enter your contact information, and complete the security check.  Click Create Account and Continue when finished.

AWS Step 4

Step 5: Enter payment information and click Continue.  Your credit card will not be charged until you begin using services above and beyond the Free Tier (if applicable) and any AWS credit codes entered into your account. (Note that there are a few AWS services that are not eligible to be covered by AWS credits. Review the FAQs after accessing the AWS Educate portal for any exclusions.)  You may use your HigherOne account card.  All SOU students receive a $100 credit for AWS by email after completing the AWS Educate signup.

AWS Step 5

Step 6: Provide a phone number for Identity Verification and click Call Me Now.  You must be able to receive a voice call from Amazon's automated identity verification system.  A PIN will be displayed on your screen.  Enter the PIN number when prompted by the identity verification system.  

AWS Step 6

Step 7: Once this process is completed, you will be able to continue the registration process.

AWS Step 7

Step 8: Select a Support Plan and click Continue.  Most students will use the Basic (free) level. Support fees are not eligible for coverage by AWS credits.

AWS Step 8

Step 9: You will be returned to the AWS login screen.  Click Sign in to the Console.

AWS Step 9

Step 10: After logging using the account you just created, click on Your Name in the upper right and then click My Account.

AWS Step 10

Step 11: Information about your account will be displayed.  Record your Account ID.  You will need this ID number to sign up for AWS Educate.

AWS Step 11

Step 12:  Sign up for AWS Educate.