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Connecting to eduroam from a PC

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eduroam is a federated network access service developed for research and education institutions around the globe to share internet access. When you travel to a university that is a member of eduroam, you can join the 'eduroam' wi-fi network and enjoy encrypted internet access for free.


Member Institutions


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Get ready to use eduroam

To get started using eduroam, download the installer for your operating system and follow the instructions below. After completing the instructions, connect to the eduroam wireless network here on campus and go to If you can't load the page, something is wrong. If the page loads, your computer is setup for eduroam and you can go back to your normal wireless network (SOU Wireless, SOU-Secure) to resume browsing the internet.



Double-click on the installer to bring up the window below, and click 'Next'.

Windows 8 eduroam


Click 'OK' to confirm that you are a member of Southern Oregon University.


In the next window you will be asked for a username and password. Your username is your full SOU email address, e.g. ''. Use your SOU login password as you would for MySOU, Gmail, Moodle, etc. Click 'Install' to proceed.


Click 'Finish' to close the installer. You should now be able to select 'eduroam' in your list of wireless networks.