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Exchanging files with the Banner server

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To send data files to the Banner server, use the "Banner File Upload Utility" tool in Banner. This new tool is currently available in production for sending files to BASIS$DAT, arfeed, pcard, and pay/drp. Instructions for using the Banner File Upload Utility can be found at

To get files from the Banner Server, use one of the methods below:

  • Receive email or send to P Drive from Banner: When you run a job from Banner, enter EMAIL in the printer field.  This will email the file as an attachment to your email address. You can also use SFTP in the printer field to send the file to your P Drive.
  • Save data to your Desktop: When you run a job from Banner, enter DATABASE in the printer field.  This will allow you to open the file from Banner and then save it to your desktop.
  • Get a file from Banner: Run the “SEND_BANNER_FILE” job from Banner.  You can choose the file you want and designate whether to print it, receive it as an e-mail attachment, or send it to your P Drive.
  • Receive "Automated" jobs as attachments from the IT department: If you get files from the Banner server created by “automated” jobs (jobs run automatically by the system rather than jobs you run), you can notify IT to send these to you as an email attachment or use the “SEND_BANNER_FILE” job from Banner to get the files.

To release print jobs on the Banner server, you will receive an email letting you know the file is ready to print.  Log into Banner and run the “SEND_BANNER_FILE” job, entering the printer, directory, and file name.  The file will then be sent to the printer you have selected.

Users are no longer able to use SecureCRT, SecureFX or Fetch to establish the connections needed to access these services. If a user is currently using SecureCRT, SecureFX, or Fetch to access the Banner server for any other reasons, contact the Banner team with a detailed list of the specific things the user needs SecureFX and SecureCRT for, so they can provide other solutions.

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