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Explanation of Reports

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Answer Key Report: The Answer Key Report prints an answer key for a specific test version.

Class Response Report: The Class Response Report lists student test responses sorted by Student ID. You may generate the report for each version of a test.

The Response Description portion of the report lists symbols indicating the following:

  • (-) Correct Response
  • (Letter) Incorrect Response
  • (#) Multiple Marks
  • (*) Bonus Test Item
  • <space> No Response

Item Analysis Report: The Item Analysis Report is a statistical report that provides detailed distractor analysis based on raw scores. The reliability of a question, the difficulty, or effectiveness is statistically calculated.

Distractor Analysis: After a test is administered, you can evaluate the effectiveness of the distractors. Distractor analysis provides three kinds of information about the quality of test items.

  • Item Difficulty: Whether an item is too easy or too hard
  • Item Discrimination: The single best measure of the effectiveness of an item. It measures how well an item discriminates between those who have mastered the material and those who have not.
  • Effectiveness of Alternatives in Multiple Choice Test: Whether the distractor in multiple choice items are, in fact, "distracting" or not.

Student Test Report: This report illustrates student’s performance on the current test. It provides details about a student’s answer to individual test items.

If you select the Detailed Test Report option, the report includes details about the student answers. If a student answers correctly, a hyphen (-) prints. If the answer does not match the key, the incorrect choice prints. If a student omits a question, a blank is recorded as the response. If the student makes multiple marks, a pound sign (#) prints.

If you select the Standard Test Report option, the report does not include this amount of detail. The Basic Test Report shows only the student’s score, not the answer key and student responses.

Score Distribution Percentile Report: Analyzes student score distribution for the current test. It combines all versions of the test. The report illustrates the relationship of percentages to points, which is helpful when deciding percentage cut-offs to use in grade criteria.

Score Distribution Histogram:  View information in a graph. Scores convert to percentage for the horizontal axis and the frequency, the number of students is plotted on the vertical axis. This graph provides an easy to read visualization of each student’s standing relative to other students taking the test.

Error Log Report: Tracks all errors encountered in scanning the current score sheets.

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