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Faculty: Add Calendar Events

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Besides highlighting today's date, Moodle's calendar signals due dates for assignments and quizzes and offers links to them as you add them to your course site. Moodle creates these links for you automatically! Calendar items from all courses are aggregated to the calendar displayed on the student's home page, making this a great planning tool.

As you create assignments, the due dates will automatically be added to the course calendar.

To add a calendar item for your students manually:

  1. Click on the link labeled "New Event...." in the "Upcoming Events" block.
  2. Indicate if this is an event for a specific group (if you have groups created) or if it's a course event — something that you want everyone to have on their calendar.
  3. Click on OK.
  4. Provide a name for the event and a description for it.
  5. Complete the date and time fields as desired.
  6. Save changes.

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