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Faculty: Bulk Settings for Completion Tracking

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Completion tracking is all about the “Mark as done” buttons and “To do:” notices to the right of most items in our courses. Not only is this feature very helpful for students, allowing them to track their progress through a course, but completion tracking also allows you to see how students are engaging with the activities and resources in your course.

By default, some completion options are set for manual mode, which means that learners can mark an item complete whenever they like. In other cases, conditions have been set to require an action on the learner's part before the item is marked complete. For example, learners might need to open a resource, submit a quiz attempt, or make a specified number of posts in a forum.

By selecting the Course completion option in the More menu at the top of your main course page, you can set up default requirements for all new items created in your course and/or adjust a batch of existing items all at the same time.

Screenshot of Completion option in More menu

The options for setting default requirements and making bulk changes are accessible through the pull-down menu in the top left corner of the Course completion page. (Note: Ignore the settings for Course completion—we only care about Default and Bulk edit options.)


Screenshot of options

Set Defaults

Select the Default activity completion option and check the type of item for which you wish to set tracking conditions for all new items. You can choose multiple item types if they share the same completion options—files, pages, books, folders and URLs can all be marked as complete if students view them, for instance.

Click on Edit, then select the desired conditions for completion from the Completion tracking pull-down menu. Save changes.

Screenshot of bulk editing options

Settings for Multiple Items

To update completion tracking settings for multiple existing items, select the Bulk activity completion option and select a batch of items that share common completion requirements. Click on Edit. Choose the desired completion conditions from the Completion tracking pull-down menu. Save changes.

Screenshot of adjusting existing items

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