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Faculty: Copy a Test from One Course to Another

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62950947MMWXNBHZNKWCYAM0-copy_icon.gifCopying a quiz from one Moodle course site to another takes just a few steps and can save you lots of time. You'll use the course "Import" feature to bring the quiz from the original site (where the quiz already resides) into the destination course (where you want to add the quiz).

To copy the quiz;

  1. In the "destination" course, follow the instructions provided for importing a course from a prior term into a new course site to select the course where the desired test resides and continue until you see all of the course elements displayed.
  2. Select None to deselect all of the course elements.
  3. Locate the module where the test was created and click on the select box next to it.
  4. Click on the selection box adjacent to the test that you wish to copy.
  5. Select any additional items that you'd like to bring into your destination site, then follow the remaining instructions for importing a course.
  6. Update the quiz, paying particular attention to the settings for behavior when times expires, if this quiz will be timed. Be sure that the test is set to Submit attempts automatically when time expires. If not, your students will lose their work completely when time runs out.

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