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Faculty: Display Group Members

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It's always been challenging for students to find out who's in their group. Our new "Group Members" resource creates a page that lists either just the members of a student's group or all of the students in all of the groups. In addition to choosing whether to show all or some of the groups, you can also choose to reveal email addresses just for other group members or for all students.

Here's what the link looks like on your course page—note that you can name the link however you like (Teams, Groups, etc.).

Screenshot of Group Member link

Student View: Own Groups

Here's what Student One sees when the Group Members resource is set to show "Own group" and email addresses are displayed:

Screenshot of Group Members page

Student View: All Groups

And here's a partial view of what Student One sees when all of the groups are displayed and just his group's email addresses are shared:

Screenshot of Group Members list of all groups

Faculty View

If you work with groups in Moodle, you're probably aware that you don't need to be enrolled in a group in order to track your students' activity within their group. Because as a teacher you aren't formally enrolled in any groups, when you post a Group Members resource set for "Own group," you'll see the message shown below when you open the link. Never fear, students are seeing their groups! If a Group Members page is set to "All groups," you will see all of the students listed just as they do.

Faculty can see who is in which group by clicking on the Participants link in the navigation drawer on the left, opening the gear to select Groups and selecting the Overview tab.

Screenshot of "You are not currently in any group" message

Set Up Group Display

Screenshot of Group Member linkTo create a Group Members link, with editing turn on, click on Add an activity or resource and scroll down to Group Members in the RESOURCES area. Name the link (Team Members, Groups, Peer Groups, etc.). Add a description if you like.

The only setting you need to address is whether you want students (and yourself) to see the membership of all groups or just their own group. In the Group Members option area, choose All groups of grouping in Show groups to display the names of all of the group members in all of the groups. Choose Only own group to allow students to see only the other members of groups in which they are enrolled. Save changes.

Screenshot of Group Member options

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