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Faculty: Drag and Drop Text

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Dragging and dropping text works much the same way as dragging and dropping an image except that the text does not need to be saved as a file first. To create a label by dragging and dropping text:

  1. Turn editing on in your Moodle course site.

  2. Open a Word document and arrange your applications so that your Word document is open on one side of your screen and Moodle is on the other. For best results, make sure you can see the icons associated with the items posted in your course site.

  3. Select the text that you want to post in Moodle.

  4. Drag your selected text over to Moodle, positioning it at the bottom of the list of items posted in the destination section.

  5. When the + Add text here script appears, drop the text onto the page. (Notice that it has been deleted from the Word document.)

  6. In the dialogue box, choose to add the text as a textbox to your course home page or as a new page resource.

  7. Make a selection and click on Upload.

If you choose to post the text as a label, it will appear as it does in this image. If you choose to post the text as a new web page, enter a name for the page in the Name field. A link for the new page will appear as shown.

Note: Use the Update icon associated with the label or page you just created to reformat the text, if necessary.

Tip: If you would like to have the missing text back in the Word document, use the Undo tool in Word to restore it. This will not affect the text that is displayed in Moodle.

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