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Faculty: Gradebook "Single View"

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Moodle's Single view option is handy for entering grades in a manually created item. It's also useful for quickly reviewing all of a specific student's grades or for seeing all of your students' grades for a particular item. If you need to enter bonus points for an assignment, this view offers an easy way to do so. See information below about "Overriding Scores" for instructions.

Single view
To access this view, click on Grades in the navigation panel on the left, then click on the Single view tab just below the function tabs.

On the Single view page, you can use the pull-down menus to display a particular grade item OR choose a particular user to view or enter grades for a specific student. (You can also click on the pencil to the left of a student's name to view that student's grades or enter grades.)

In the example shown here, the grade item Essay Assignment was selected. You can enter a score for each student as well as enter feedback in the fields provided. Tab between students to enter scores.

Bulk Insert Scores

You'll find an option for "bulk inserting" grades at the bottom of the page. You can either fill all grades in with a particular score or enter 0 for students who did not complete the assignment.

Be sure to click Save to record the scores you have entered.

Overriding Scores

Your ability to simply enter scores for an item will depend on whether the item was manually created in the gradebook setup page or if it was created when you added an assignment link or quiz activity to your course main page.

Manually Created Items

For a manually created item, you can simply enter scores, tabbing from one student to the next. Save when you have finished entering grades.

Auto-created Items

As you know, when you add a graded assignment or quiz to your course main page, a corresponding item is automatically created in the gradebook. Moodle expects you to enter grades directly through the activity link on the main course page, not from the gradebook. As a result, the score and feedback fields for these items in Single view will be shaded out (as in the example above), and you won't be able to enter scores directly in those boxes. To enter scores for one of these items, check the box in the Override column for a given student or click on All in the column heading to allow you to enter scores for every student. Be sure to click on Save to record any changes you make.

When you return to the Grader report view, you'll note that the scores you have entered as overrides will be displayed with an orangey background that indicates they are overrides.

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