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Faculty: Inserting Images in Moodle

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insert_image_icons.png62950938TCNDCWRTWYPJAHA0-image_combo.gifBy inserting images in Moodle text boxes, you can illustrate a specific point or add visual interest to your course. Four important things to note about inserting images directly in your course pages:

  • Do NOT attempt to copy and paste images into your Moodle course. Doing so can break it! You can drag and drop an image saved to your computer into Moodle.
  • Images must be separate files to be posted online. Moodle can post three image types: jpg, gif and png.
  • Files need to be uploaded to your Moodle site.
  • Images will appear in their "native" size, so you may need to resize them if they are very large (in either area — pixels — or volume — bytes).

The illustration provided at right encapsulates how to go about inserting an image if you are using the "Tiny MCE" text editor. The image below describes how to insert an image in the "Atto" text editor. (See this article for instructions on how to change your text editor). This guide will walk you through the entire image insertion process.

Bonus Feature: Looking to resize a photo to upload to your course site? These instructions will help!