Faculty: Instructions for Students

Looking for standard instructions to offer your students? Copy and paste any of the following text or links in your Moodle site. (Links can also be forwarded to students via email.)

Links to Student Articles in the Moodle Knowledgebase

Add files to a folder: https://inside.sou.edu/distancelearning/pdf/folders-for-students.pdf

Check your grades: https://support.sou.edu/kb/articles/students-check-your-grades-in-moodle

Clear your cache (very helpful if they can't see something that everyone can see): https://support.sou.edu/kb/articles/students-improve-your-computer-s-performance-by-clearing-your-cache

Insert images: https://support.sou.edu/kb/articles/students-inserting-images-in-moodle

Proctored exams: https://support.sou.edu/kb/articles/students-all-about-proctored-exams

See instructor feedback: https://support.sou.edu/kb/articles/students-see-instructor-feedback

Submit a VeriCite assignment: https://inside.sou.edu/assets/cis/distanceeducation/docs/moodle/vericite-student-guide.pdf

Test taking recommendations: https://support.sou.edu/kb/articles/students-taking-tests-in-moodle

Update your profile: https://inside.sou.edu/assets/distanceeducation/docs/moodle/profile-student.pdf

Upload multiple files in a zipped folder: https://support.sou.edu/kb/articles/students-upload-a-file-folder

Using the course calendar: https://support.sou.edu/kb/articles/students-using-moodle-s-calendar

Working in groups: https://support.sou.edu/kb/articles/students-working-in-groups


Standard Text for Common Actions in Moodle

Assignment: File Upload

Click on the Add submission button below to drag and drop your assignment file in the File picker area. Or locate and attach your completed assignment by clicking on Add in the top border of the File picker. Click on Save changes to submit.

Assignment: Online text

Click on the Add submission button below to open your textbox. After entering text, click on Save changes to submit.

Advanced forum: Standard, general forum

Click on the Add a new discussion link below to draft your reply.

Advanced forum: Single simple discussion

Click on the Reply link in any message to draft a response.

Groups: Work in a discussion forum together

Use the Add a new discussion link below to initiate the discussion in your group or reply to your teammates' threads to move the discussion forward.

Quizzes: Too variable to standardize, but consider these factors...

  • Closed vs. open book, open notes
  • How many total questions to expect and how to move from page to page
  • Indication of time limit, if any
  • Information about test availability
  • What to do if they experience technical difficulties