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Faculty: Pin a Forum Post

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Wouldn't it be handy to be able to keep a forum thread at the top of a bunch of responses? Now we can!

Here's an example—let's say you have a course Q&A forum and a student asks a question early on that you know students often ask. By "pinning" the post, you can make it stick to the top of the list of responses—and with luck, other students will see it there before posting the same question again two or three weeks later.

This is how the forum looks at first, with Student One's most frequently asked question languishing at the bottom of the list:

Screenshot of posts in Q & A Forum

How it Works

To move Student One's frequently asked question to the top of the list and make it stick, open the post and click on Pin to attach it to the top of the forum:

Screenshot of forum post with pin icon circledForum pin

After you pin the post, you can reply (if you haven't already) or read another post, return to the forum or return to your main course page. Note that you can Unpin a post that has been pinned, if you want to.

Screenshot of pinned post with Unpin icon highlighted

How it Looks

Now that you've pinned it, the post—and any replies made to it—will remain at the top of the forum as long as you like. The pushpin icon is visible to all users.

Screenshot of pinned thread at top of forum

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