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Faculty: Tests for Students with Accommodations

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You can tailor your quiz settings for individual students in Moodle, setting either the dates and times or the amount of time available to take the quiz.

Screenshot of override options

Here's how to customize a student's access to a quiz:

  1. Click on the name of the quiz to open the quiz view page, then open the More link to select the Overrides option.
  2. Choose User or Group overrides, then click on Add user override.
  3. Use the pull-down menu to search for a user or group whose access to the test needs to be adjusted.
  4. Adjust the quiz settings as needed for the learner or group:
    • Indicate a password, if one is required. (Click on the Reveal eyeball to ensure that you know exactly how the password is being recorded.)
    • Set a different open or close date and/or time.
    • Revise the time limit.
    • Reset the number of attempts allowed.
  5. Save to return to the quiz or Save and enter another override if needed.
  6. Review the override settings for accuracy. Note the control icons in the lower right corner. 
    • Click on the edit icon to revise the override settings. Click on Revert to quiz defaults to remove the override.
    • If another student needs the same override settings, click on the copy icon to bring up the override options and select the student’s name from the Override user search field. Save.

Important Considerations:

  • Check the time limit. Be aware that the quiz will maintain whatever settings you created initially for all students unless you override them here. If a student needs to take a quiz at a different time from other students, whatever time limit that was established for the rest of the class will remain in effect for this student. If that student also needs additional time, be sure you adjust the time limit setting here.
  • Check general settings. If you change the settings for the quiz for all of the "regular" (non-accommodated) quiz takers, be sure you check any overrides that you have created to ensure that those exceptional students will also be able to access the test and complete it as you expect. For instance, we had a situation where a quiz was copied over from a fall term course site into a winter term site. The year setting on the quiz open date did not get updated to the new year, so the quiz remained closed to the winter term students. When the error was corrected for the regular quiz, we missed updating the settings for the students with an accommodation override and they remained locked out of the quiz.
  • Clear prior attempt. If you are opening a closed quiz to accommodate a student who unsuccessfully attempted the quiz, be sure to clear the original attempt if the quiz was set for only one attempt. Even though the first attempt was not successful, it will still count as an attempt and the quiz access override will not take effect. (Alternatively, update the number of attempts possible to two.)

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