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Faculty: Troubleshoot a Video Link

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So, you've added a link to a video to a forum post or other text box, but the video player doesn't display. There's a simple fix for one problem that might be preventing the video player from being displayed: hidden formatting codes.

Troubleshoot videoTo check for hidden formatting:

Reveal Source Code

Click on the Toggle icon in the upper left corner to display all three rows of the editing toolbar, then click on the Edit HTML source icon in the lower right corner.

Check for Extra Code

The source code for the video link will start off with <a href=http:// and continue with the video's URL. In the example shown in #2 at right, the code for the video's location is followed by additional code (<span style="font-size: large;">), then the word video appears (the word that the URL was linked to in the text box), followed by the code to close this formatting (</span>). Select and delete the additional text.

Save Revised Code

Click on Update to save your revisions and return to the text box. Save changes. Does the video player appear now?

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