Faculty: Use Quickmail Block

Quickmail is a function within Moodle that enables you and your students to send email to any or all class participants. Messages sent through Quickmail go to each recipient's SOU email account.

Screenshot of Quickmail blockThe Quickmail block is deployed in all courses as they are created. To send a message, click on Compose New Email. You can draft messages to all users in the course site or to select users. Be sure to check the box provided if you'd like to be copied on messages you send. The History link will display all messages that you send for your later reference.

Other Good Things to Know

  • To select multiple users, hold your Ctrl key down and click on each student's name. Continue holding the key down as you click Add to select their names.
  • Messages sent to multiple users are sent as bcc's, so recipients will not know who else may have received the message.
  • If you use Groups in your course, you can send messages to students in a group by selecting the group name in the "Potential Sections" box and clicking on "Add."
  • You can update the recipient(s) in a message from the History list and send the same message to other users at another time. The original message will remain unaltered in the History file for future reference.