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Forwarding your desk phone to your cell phone

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The I.T. department can configure certain types of desk phones to forward to you cell phone.  This feature is called EC500.  EC500 is more than a simple forward, it will ring both your desk phone and cell phone simultaneously.  If you answer the call with your cell phone, you can then continue the call on your desk phone if, for example, you have just returned to your desk.  One additional feature, is that once EC500 has been configured (whether it is turned on or off), any call from your cell phone to any on-campus phone will show the Caller-ID information of your desk phone.


How do I get EC500 setup?

To configure EC500 on your desk phone, you first have to either a 6408D+ or 6424D+ digital phone, or a 9611G VoIP phone.  Once you have a supported phone, I.T. can program the EC500 feature.  I.T. will need the following information to begin:

  • The cell phone number you would like to use
  • An available speed dial button on your phone (to turn EC500 on/off)

Turning EC500 On/Off

EC500 can be turned on or off from either the desk phone or the cell phone.  The desk phone will have a dedicated button used to toggle the EC500 feature on/off.

To turn EC500 on/off from a cell phone simply call one of the following telephone numbers:

  • To turn EC500 on, call (541) 552-8011
  • To turn EC500 off, call (541) 552-8012

When you dial either of these numbers, you will hear a series of beeps.  That indicates that the operation was successful.

How do I tell if EC500 is on?

You can tell if EC500 is turned on by the button on the desk phone.  If your desk phone is a 64xx series digital phone, the EC500 button will have a steady green light.  If you have a 9611G VoIP phone, the EC500 button will have a "check" mark.

 Things to watch out for:

Why are the voicemail messages being left on my cell phone?

When EC500 is enabled, and the call goes unanswered, the call is transferred to the first available voicemail box.  This means that if, for example, the attached cell phone's voicemail answers after 4 rings, but the desk phone is configured to answer after 6 rings the unanswered call will be picked up by the cell phone's voicemail after 4 rings.

What happens if the cell phone is off, or has poor signal?

If the cell phone is off or has poor signal, calls may be transferred directly to the cell phone's voicemail (just as it would if you called the phone directly).  The only difference is that you can still answer the call on your desk phone.

Normally, when you pick up a call from your desk phone it will stop ringing on the cell phone, or if you are already on an active call you would hang up the cell phone and continue the call on the desk phone.  If the call has already been transferred to the voicemail of the cell phone, you can still answer the call on the desk phone, but there is no way to disconnect the voicemail from the call.  This means that you, the caller, and the cell phone's voicemail are all on the call at the same time.

Can I use EC500 if my cell phone number is a long distance number?

You can use EC500 with a non-local cell phone number, however the following features will be unavailable:

  • Remote activation/deactivation
  • Caller-ID mirroring

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