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Green Print Release Station FAQs

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Q. How do I use the Green Printing Stations?
A. Using the kiosks is a two step process.  First, submit a job.  Second, you pick it up at ANY of the three kiosks.
There are four ways to send a print job:
    1. Select the Green Print Station from any on-campus lab computer
    2. Select the Green Print Station on the VirtualLab (accessible from Mac or PC)
    3. Upload documents to Web Print (Office and PDF documents only!)    
    4. Email or with your attachment (Office and PDF documents only!)  You will receive a bounceback if your job has been successfully submitted.
Additional instructions are available here.
Q. How do I pick up my print job?
A. Just go to ANY of the three kiosks.  Log in with your normal SOU network credentials, select your print job(s), and that's it.  The Kiosk will automatically log you out after you've selected your print job(s).
Your print jobs are available for 24 hours after you submit them.  After that, they are automatically deleted.
Q. Can I release print jobs for anyone?
A. No, you can only view and release your own print jobs.
Q.  How much does this cost?
A. It's priced the same as our labs: $0.05 per printed page/side for B/W and $0.25 for color. 
Q. What are the printing defaults?
A. All jobs are letter-size, black and white with duplexing.  If you submit a job by printing from a lab computer or through the VirtualLab, you can turn off duplexing if desired.  There is no way to change the defaults for jobs submitted through email or Web Print.
Q. Are you going to add color printers?  What about more locations?
A. Color options and additional locations will depend on you.  Is this a service that is useful?  Does it get used?  If so, we'd love to expand the number of kiosks (for example, adding a kiosk somewhere in the North Campus Village or even at our Medford campus).
Q. I am a faculty/staff member, can I use the kiosks?
A. Sorry, no.  We do not currently charge faculty/staff for their printing, so they are not able to use these kiosks.  This may change eventually, but it will require department chargebacks for printing.
Q. I am staff member and student, can I use the kiosks?
A. Sorry, no again.  Your status as a staff member overrides your status as a student in this case.
Q. Why are they called Green Print Stations?
A. The kiosks are intended to not only provide a new service to students, but also reduce the amount of wasted print jobs that never get picked up (thousands of printed pages get thrown away every week in the Library and Main Computer Lab).  In addition, we are using 30% recycled paper in the kiosks.  They represent our attempt to honor the commitment that SOU has made to the environment and sustainability. 

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