How to Request a Print / Copy Refund

To request a print / Copy refund, you must use our print accounting system. This includes any copies made in the library.

If you are a graduating student, use this link to request a refund of your unused print credits.

 To get started, click the Printing Portal link on InsideSOU or by following this link:


After successfully logging in, you should presented with a summary screen for your account.  This screen will show your recent printing activity and the environmental impact of your printing.

Next, click Recent Print Jobs.

To request a refund, find the print job and click Request Refund.


We only issue refunds for printer or computer malfunction, not because of unwanted copies, formatting issues, or other non-technical reasons.  So, please check your work carefully and use Print Preview before pressing the Print button.  If you are a graduating student then use this link for your refund.


To check for credits from refunds or balance history, click Transaction History.