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Impulse Point SafeConnect FAQ

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What is Impulse Point SafeConnect?

The Impulse Point SafeConnect system provides a safe, user friendly environment by ensuring that computers on the SOU network have current anti-virus, spyware, and operating system protection.

When connecting to the SOU network, you will benefit in knowing your computer is properly configured. You will also have reasonable assurance that others connected to the network are also protected and therefore are less likely to pose a threat to your computer or network access.

Authentication (username and password) and policy key installation (a small downloadable program) are required for both Windows and Mac computers that are directly connected to the SOU ResHall wired network and the campus Sou-Wireless network.

The SafeConnect login page walks you through the following steps to ensure your computer is compliant:

  • Authentication using your SOU credentials
  • Policy Key Download and Installation
  • Checking to make sure that all Operating System (Windows & Macintosh updates) patches, are installed and up-to-date
  • Checking your Antivirus software is installed and up-to-date

Note: Network and Internet access will be blocked until all checks have been passed.

My computer network access is blocked. Why?

You will be presented with a web page that explains why your computer is blocked. The most likely reason would be your anti-virus protection is not up to date or your operating system is not set to receive security updates. Your computer will still be able to access updates while quarantined. Follow the directions on the web page to get your needed updates.

How will my Smart Phone or Tablet be affected?

Smart Phones and Tablets will not be prompted for registration or the policy key download. Simply connect to SOU-Wireless with your mobile device.

I live in the SOU Residence Halls. How do I connect my game console?

Game consoles will not require registration. Simply connect and go. Thank you SafeConnect!

What happens to my personal wireless router in my ResHall room?

We strongly recommend you use SOU-Wireless which has been provided in the residence halls since early Winter term. Personal wireless devices cause interference which can slow the network speed for everyone. Personal wireless devices and routers will work without registration for the remainder of Spring and Summer term. Beginning Fall term of 2012, these devices will no longer work on the SOU network.

I'm having problems. How do I get help?

As always, you can call the SOU help desk at 541-552-6900 or email

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