InsideSOU and Banner for Employees

The purpose of this article is to help faculty and staff orient themselves to the new InsideSOU layout and some of the changes that were made to Banner over the summer of 2016.


We recommend that you watch the training video for faculty included in our knowledgebase article InsideSOU Help Videos. You can also send the link to your students who have questions about InsideSOU, as we have videos for them there as well.

The most important area of InsideSOU is the Online Services box, and especially the Faculty Tools page linked to from the Online Services box.

On the Faculty Tools page, you will find links to all of the relevant SISWEB forms for managing your classes and advisees as well as a useful Quick Tips section. If you have questions about this page, please contact your Computing Coordinator.



Banner now authenticates through a different system from the rest of our online services, so you will need to set up your Banner password separately. You can do that easily through InsideSOU by looking for the Set Your Banner Password link in the top-right area of the main page, under the Banner tab, when you're signed in.

Finding the Set Your Banner Password link in InsideSOU

On the Banner Password screen, enter the password you want to use for Banner, although please leave out special characters such as ! @ # $ etc. You can use the same password you use for your network account, it just has to be set on this page in order for the system to recognize it.

As for accessing Banner, you can use the Banner link in the Online Services section of InsideSOU, depicted below.
This link will prompt your browser to download a file that will launch Banner. Either instruct your browser to open the file with Java or save the file to your hard disk and then click on it to launch it. You can reuse the file later if you want to save yourself the hassle of downloading it again. If you have trouble with this process, please contact your Computing Coordinator so that we can assist you.

The other way to use Banner on any SOU-owned computer is to look for the Banner app that is installed on your computer itself. On Windows, you can find the application in your All Programs or All Apps list under a folder called Banner. On Macintosh, you'll find the application in your Applications folder, where it is also called Banner. Its icon is a yellow star in both cases.
When you launch the Banner app or use the Browserless Banner option, it will bring up two Java windows, one of which will have a log-in screen. Be advised that the Tab key does not properly move the cursor from the username to the password field on this screen; you will have to click the password field in order to type in it. You do not need to enter anything into the Database field. After you've entered your credentials, click Connect and you will be in Banner.

As a special note to anyone with a non-standard username that does not match the format last name + first initial + (optionally) numbers, your Banner username is going to be in the standard format. Please contact your Computing Coordinator if you do not know your Banner username and need us to look it up for you.