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Q. Why is my.sou being replaced?
A. My.sou is built on technology that is nearly 10 years old and does not properly support mobile devices among a number of other deficiencies.
Q. When will my.sou go away?
A. The product behind my.sou, Luminis 4, will no longer be supported by the vendor after June 30, 2016.  We will retire my.sou by that date.
Q. Why the name,
A. The principal audience of my.sou and now,, is current students, faculty, and staff.  We want to provide a site for internal communication and improve access to online services.  The front page of is accessible to everyone and does not require authentication.  After you login to, you'll notice that your view slightly changes based on whether you are a student, faculty, or staff.
Q. What's being added with
A. Aside from the obvious different look and feel, we've built a framework that is oriented around tasks and services.  This, for instance, has allowed to create a place for linking internal Google Sites for important committees like the University Planning Board.  Our hope is that this will improve the visibility of the many services we offer as well as improve internal communication.
Q. Why do I sometimes need to login twice? 
A. Some systems, like Cognos or the Print and Copy Portal, do not currently support any form of single sign on, so they will always require you to enter your username and password.  In other cases, like SISWeb, the issue is temporary and will be solved later this summer after MySOU is retired.  MySOU is currently holding us back from making other updates that will fix the problem.
Q. Can I submit stories for the main page of InsideSOU?
A. Yes!  In fact, we want your stories.  Just click here to submit.

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