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Migrate files to Team Drives

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SOU uses now for cloud storage. We recommend that all users store data in Box instead of Google Drive. Visit to get started.

Uploading files

When using Google Team Drive, you can upload files and folders to a Team Drive in the same way that you upload files to your Google My Drive.  See instructions at Upload Files and Folders to Google Drive.  

Migrating files

You can also move files from your personal Google Drive, also known as My Drive, to a Team Drive.  Please note the following when moving files:

  • You cannot move a folder from My Drive to a Team Drive.  You must move the files, though you can move multiple files at one time.

    • Because you cannot move a folder, but must recreate a folder in Team Drive, folder permissions are not moved.  If you have given other users access to a folder on your My Drive, be sure to grant those permissions again in Team Drive.

  • Any files in your My Drive that are owned or created by another user will not be moved.  Those files will be copied, but the original file remains in the My Drive where they are resident.

  • Moving files to the Team Drive changes ownership from the individual to the team.

  • File permissions and links do not change.  People who are not Team Drive members can still access the file with previously granted permission.

Best practices

When migrating files to a Team Drive from your personal Google Drive, do not drag and drop the files from one drive to another.  Follow the steps below to move the files.

  1. Access your Google Drive and locate the files you want to move.

  2. Select the file or files by clicking on a single file or holding the Shift key while clicking all of the files you want to move.

  3. Right-click the mouse, or Ctrl-click if you are using a single-button mouse.

  4. Click Move to....

  5. In the drop down list, you will see a list of folders on your My Drive. To the left of My Drive, click on the 

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