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Powerwash and Enterprise Enroll Chromebooks.

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These instructions will go over what you will need to do to Powerwash (Factory Reset) and Enterprise Enroll (Enroll in MDM Software) for Chromebooks. 

To enable Powerwash make sure that you are currently signed out of any account that is currently logged into the device.

1. Then Press CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+R to bring up the Powerwash screen.

2.  A box will come up to confirm Powerwash. Click continue.

3. The device will restart to Powerwash and go through the first time setup again.

4. Once you get to the login screen if it does not initial state “Enterprise Enrollment” Press CTRL+ALT+E on the keyboard to bring up Enterprise Enrollment.

(The Enterprise Enrollment screen should look like this...)

(Get the Chromebook enrollment service account information off PasswordState *Ask a Coordinator for this if you are a student worker*)

5. Once you enroll this device using the Chromebook Service account you will get a screen like the following...

6. You will know when the Chromebook is properly enrolled when you see “Managed by SOU” on the sign-in page.

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