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Signing Out of Okta

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If you need to sign out of Okta or otherwise clear your Okta session so that you can log in again fresh, this article will show you how to do that.


Keep in mind that due to the nature of Single Sign On (SSO), you will remain signed in to “downstream” services that sign you in through Okta even after you log out of your Okta session. You will need to log out of each service’s session independently unless you follow the instructions below for clearing your browser cookies or quitting out of your web browser, which will terminate all your sessions at once.

Sign Out of Okta through Your Dashboard

  1. Navigate to in your web browswer.

  2. Click on your name in the top-right corner of the window above where it says Southern Oregon University.

  3. Click on Sign Out in the dropdown menu.

You will no longer be signed in to Okta, but you will remain signed in to any “downstream” services that authenticate you through Okta, such as Google Mail and You will either need to log out of those services separately, close your web browser, or clear your browser cookies.

Close Your Web Browser

By closing your web browser, you will flush out any active session cookies, which will log you out of Okta and most if not all “downstream” services that authenticate you through Okta.

For Apple macOS users, use the keyboard shortcut Command + Q to quit your browser, otherwise macOS keeps it running in the background after hiding the window. Learn more about quitting macOS apps here.

For mobile users of iOS or Android, you need to fully close the browser app and then launch it again. If you don’t know how to do that on your device, call our IT Helpdesk at 541-552-6900.

Manually Clear Your Web Browser Cookies

If all else fails, you can ensure that you terminate all your active sessions by clearing your web browser’s cookies. Please read our article Clearing Your Web Browser Data for instructions on how to do this for all the major modern web browsers.


If you still require assistance with ending your Okta session after trying the steps in this article, call our IT Helpdesk at 541-552-6900 or email us at

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