Students: Check Your Grades in Moodle

 Many instructors use Moodle's gradebook feature, but not all of them do so. Some instructors "weight" their grades, while others add up all of the scores and compute your grade based on the percentage of the total possible points you earn.

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. Not all grades may be reflected in the grade book. Some instructors use complex grading formulae that don't lend themselves to Moodle's gradebook. Be sure to ask your instructor any questions you have about the gradebook.
  2. Your total points possible may not match someone else's. In most cases, the total points possible in your gradebook will reflect only the items graded so far. Thus, if your instructor has entered a grade for the paper you turned in on time, but has not yet graded your friend's late paper, your total possible score will differ from your friend's.

To check your grades, click on the link labeled Grades in the navigation panel found on the left side of your course home page. You can also get to your grades by opening the user menu in the top right corner of the page and selecting the Grades link. From there, click on the name of your course to see your grades.

Special Note: Attendance Points

Points for attendance links are recorded differently from other activities. Your score will reflect your current points so far, not your eventual points. As long as you attend class every day, you will maintain 100% of the total points for attendance—BUT as soon as you miss a class, your points will drop accordingly. The only way to continue to earn full credit for the attendance activity is to continue to attend class.
Gradebook Views

In the illustrations below, you can see examples of gradebooks set  up for weighted and unweighted (what Moodle calls "natural") grading.  In the unweighted gradebook,  all scores are added up and divided by the total possible points in order to arrive at a final score.  To see where you stand in the course during the term, add up the total points that you have earned so far and divide that number by the total points possible for the activities that have been graded. How are you doing?

You can see your total grade in all of your classes by referring to your dashboard. From the dashboard pull-down menu in the upper right corner where your name appears when you're logged in, click on the Grades link. To review your scores in a particular course, click on the name of the course.

View File(s) Returned by Your Instructor

Sometimes, your instructors will send you files related to your assignments (rubrics or marked-up copies of your assignment file). You'll find those files by reopening the assignment link where you submitted your work.