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Students: Working in Groups

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From time to time, your instructors may ask you to work on group projects in Moodle. Group work is conducted in specially designated discussion forums and in chat sessions reserved for groups. In both cases, Moodle offers two settings for group activities: visible groups and separate groups.

Visible Groups: Everyone can see the work done by every group, but may only contribute in their assigned group.

Separate Groups: Only group members (and the instructor) may contribute and view the group's work.

Working in Your Group Forum

In your designated group forum, click on the Add a new discussion link to post a message to your teammates. You can also use the Reply button to respond to a post made by one of your teammates.

Sharing Files

To share files with your group members, open the forum designated for your group work. Use the Add a new discussion link to post a message and attach your file(s). (If you need to attach multiple files and the forum is set up to accept only a single file, ask your instructor to adjust the forum settings—it's easily overlooked in the forum creation process.)

Who's in my Group?

Moodle is a bit secretive about informing you of who else is in your group. One way to find out is to click on Compose new email in the Quickmail block in your course. Click on the name of your group under Potential sections and click on Add. You can also ask your instructor to post a list of groups and their members in the course.

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