Adding Content to Personal Webpages ( with Cyberduck (Mac)

Step 1

Navigate to Applications > Cyberduck . (If you don't have Cyberduck installed in your Mac please contact your computer coordinator).

Step 2

Click "Open Connection" (top left corner), then:

  • select SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
  • Server is
  • Username: enter your SOU username
  • Password: enter your SOU password.
  • Click "Connect"

Step 3

Open the "public_html" folder

Step 4

Simply drag your web files from your local computer into your public_html folder in webpages.

Step 5

Verify that the file(s) has been uploaded by navigating to your webpage

(i.e., where “username” is your SOU username and filename.ext is your file’s name and its file type.