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Faculty: Assignment Links in Moodle

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62950923JKSTXYSACJRQZXT0-to_do_1.gifMoodle allows you to create three different types of assignment links. Each assignment is auto­matically added to the grade book as you create it. Students see a list of looming assignments and their due dates in the "Upcoming Activities" block and in their dashboard. You can easily send files back to students with any assignment. Choose from these assignment types:

File Upload is the most flexible assignment option in Moodle. Students may upload multiple files, resubmit files, and enter notes to the instructor.

Online text allows students to enter text directly into Moodle without attaching files—a great alternative to having students send you email messages. You can grade responses and provide feedback, both text and files.

Offline activity is useful for homework that will not be submitted digitally, allowing you to post a description of the assignment and its due date while automatically creating a corresponding item in the grade book. You can even send comments and files back to students for offline activities.

VeriCite assignments are fully integrated within Moodle assignment links, so student submissions go directly to VeriCite through Moodle. For details, see the related article.

For more information, download the new and improved comprehensive guide to assignments in Moodle.

Find out how to batch upload grades by reviewing this guide.

Bonus Tip: Are your editing toolbars missing when you open an existing textbox? These instructions will have you editing again in a hurry.

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