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Faculty: Batch Download Student Assignment Files

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Student assignment files can easily be downloaded in a single batch. Moodle will assign the student's name and the name of the assignment to each file submitted, so each file will have a unique name when it is downloaded.

Download All Submissions

Follow these steps to download all the files associated with an assignment:

  1. Click on the name of the assignment to open it.

  2. Click on View all submissions.

  3. Click on Download all submissions in the upper right corner of the page..

  4. Save the resulting zip file to your computer.

  5. Open each file to view or print it, or extract all files to save and manipulate them on your computer.

Screenshot of view all submissions options

Download Select Submissions

While being able to download all of the submissions to an assignment link is really handy, you can also select just a handful of assignments if you wish, rather than having to download all of them. Check the box to the left of the student name for each of the submissions you want to download, then open the With selected… pull-down menu and select Download selected submissions and click on Go.

Screenshot of "with selected" options

Downloading in Folders

If each student submits multiple files, you can download them in individual folders in one compressed (.zip) file to make them easier to manage on your computer. While it can be convenient to have student submissions downloaded in individual folders, it can also be hugely inconvenient! Look to see if this option has been selected before downloading submissions the first time. To turn that option off, uncheck the Download submissions in folders box shown at the bottom of the image below. Moodle generally remembers your preference, but you may want to check before downloading to make sure the folder setting meets your needs.

Screenshot of download student work in folders option

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