Faculty: Create a Rubric (Advanced Grading)

"Advanced grading" allows us to create rubrics for grading assignments. This video does a good job of providing an overview of how to create and use a rubric. It was written for version 2.2, so things look a little different than they do on our site, but it's still good information.

Two things to know:

  • If you want students to see the rubric before they complete an assignment, you can make it available to them.
  • Points may be calculated a little differently than you expect. Mary Cooch recommends reviewing this related documentation at Moodle.org for a comprehensive explanation. The important thing to know is that one level of the rubric needs to be set for zero points in order for the scores to be calculated correctly.


It's now possible to duplicate a row in your rubric, then update the wording as needed. If your rubric has similar language for several criteria, this may save you some keystrokes.

Note: This duplicate feature does not yet work on marking guides or advanced grading checklists.

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