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Faculty: Enrollment Processes

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Students are enrolled in Moodle as they register in SISWeb. Here's how they get in and out of your course:

Enrollment Updates Roll Twice Daily. Enrollment data moves from Banner to Moodle twice a day, in the early afternoon and late evening. If a student needs immediate access to Moodle, you can manually enroll her in your course.

Student Drops. Formerly, students who dropped a course in the first four weeks of the term were automatically dropped from Moodle sites, while students who withdrew after that point remained in sites for institutional record keeping purposes. It is no longer necessary to track whether or not a student was passing at the time of withdrawal, so these students will now be dropped from course sites. For any student who drops, it is possible to reinstate enrollment manually if there is a need to resurrect work done in the course site.

Waitlisted Students. Students who are on the waitlist for your course will not be enrolled in Moodle. You can manually enroll waitlisted students in your course while they are waiting for a place to open up. If you do enroll a student on the waitlist, be sure to check your class list as the term progresses to verify that he has been formally registered for the course.

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