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Faculty: Post Your Syllabus (or Other File) - Knowledgebase / Moodle / Faculty - SOU IT and Service Center Help Desk

Faculty: Post Your Syllabus (or Other File)

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Begin by turning editing on in your course site. You'll find a link to do so by opening the admin gear in the upper right corner of your course home page.

62950929BTBRDQXGMDRMRPC0-drag_and_drop.gifDrag and Drop Method

To post a file, simply drag the file in the lower section of a section and drop it where you see the Add file(s) here area. Once the file has been uploaded, use the Edit title icon to update the display name of the file, if desired. 

Add File Method (NOTE: This only works for a single file. Don't attempt to load multiple files to one file link.)

62950930SXMQSKZMNDBWCZC0-Add_an_activity.gifYou can also upload a file using a more complex method:

  1. Click on the link labeled Add an activity or resource... in the section where you wish the file to appear.
  2. Double click on File or click in the selection box and click on Add.
  3. file_info-kb.pngEnter a name for the file link (not necessarily the actual file name).
  4. Add a brief description in the "Description" text box.
  5. In the file selector box, drag and drop a file or click on "Add" in the upper left border of the box to upload a file.
  6. Select the Show size and/or the Show upload/modified date fields in the Appearance options area to display additional information on the main course page following the file name.
  7. Once your file appears in the file selector box, click on Save and return to course.

Note: If you drag and drop a file onto the main page, you can still display information about the file by clicking on the file's Edit settings icon to open this view.