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Faculty: Post Your Syllabus (or Other File)

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There are two ways to post a single file in your course. If you have a batch of related files to post, see these instructions for creating a folder resource. For either method, begin by turning editing on in your course. 

Drag and Drop Method

To post a file, locate the file on your computer, then simply drag the file in the lower part of a section and drop it where you see the Drop files here… message. Once the file has been uploaded, use the Edit title pencil to update the display name of the file, if desired. Open the Edit link and select Edit settings to see the options described below.

Screenshot of drag and drop process

Add File Method 

NOTE: This only works for a single file. Don't attempt to load multiple files to one file link.

You can also upload a file using the Add an activity or resource method:

  1. Click on the Add an activity or resource... link in the section where you wish the file to appear.
  2. Click on the File icon.
  3. Enter a Name for the file link (not necessarily the actual file name).
  4. Add a brief description in the "Description" text box if you intend for it to be displayed on the main course page.
  5. In the file selector box, drag and drop a file or click on "Add" in the upper left border of the box to upload a file.
  6. Once your file appears in the file selector box, Save and return to course unless you need to adjust some settings.

creenshot of add file options

Appearance Settings

Whichever method you use to upload a file, the Appearance options area can be used to customize how the file is displayed.

  • Update the Display option if you want to control how the file reacts when selected by students. 
  • Select the Show size, Show type and/or the Show upload/modified date fields to display additional information on the main course page along with the file name.

Screenshot of appearance options

For instance, files no longer display with an icon that denotes the type of file (ppt, doc, xls, pdf, etc.). Consider adding the file type to the course page by updating the options in the Appearance area.

Screenshot of file type option

The other option areas available for files offer the same features that you’ll find in most other activities and resources:

Screenshot of file options

Learn more about restricting access and tracking completion.

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