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Faculty: View Student Activity Logs

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Moodle provides a number of reports that allow you to view your students' engagement in a course site.

Course Activity Logs

Admin dear and More optionCourse activity logs allow you to see what a particular student has been doing in Moodle or to check which students have interacted with a particular resource or activity. Here's how:

  1. Click on the admin gear, then click on More.
  2. In the Reports area, click on Logs.
  3. Use the pull-down menu with All participants displayed to choose a single student or leave it as is to see how everyone in the course has interacted with a particular item.
  4. Choose a date from the related pull-down menu.
  5. From the All activities pull-down menu, choose the particular item you want to check.
  6. Leave the All actions menu set for all or use the related pull-down menu to choose a particular action.
  7. Click on the link labeled Get these logs.

Screenshot of reports area

Complete Reports

Complete reports allow you to see all of a student's interaction with all items in the course site. It even displays all forum posts and files submitted by the student. To view this report:

  1. Click on Participants in the navigation panel on the left.
  2. Click on Enrolled Users.
  3. Click on a student picture.
  4. In the student's Profile Settings (under the Administration block at left), click on Activity Reports.
  5. Click on Complete report.

Tip: While you are in the Activity Reports section, check the All logs and Outline report links. Those reports might come in handy, too.

Last Access Dates

You can check to see when students last accessed your course site. This is especially useful at the start of a term, as it lets you quickly see which students have never accessed the site. To view last access dates:

  1. Click on the Participants link in the navigation panel on the left.
  2. The Last access column is the last column in the Participants table. Click on the column heading to reverse the sort order.


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