(Macintosh) How to connect to virtuallab.sou.edu or remotedesktop.sou.edu from Macintosh OS

SOU offers remote access to a full Windows desktop using Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services.  This service is available on any device that supports an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iOS, and Android.

From the  the Mac App Store, download the Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 app. You will need an Apple ID to download the software. 

After the download completes, open the program. 

Click on Add Desktop,  then enter the following and then click Add. If you want to connect to remotedesktop.sou.edu instead of virtuallab.sou.edu, change the server name in the PC name field in the screenshot below. All of the steps are otherwise the same.

To connect to the Windows desktop, double click on your virtuallab.sou.edu Saved Desktop.

Enter your SOU email address and password and click Continue. 

You will now be connected to a generic Windows computer. 

Your department S: drive and your P: drive  is accessible through the File Explorer located in the Task bar. 

Make sure to save your files to your P, S, or X drives.

To Disconnect from the Windows computer, right click (or Control + click)  on the Windows icon and select Shut down or sign out and then select Disconnect. 


To learn more about the advanced options available, see this knowledgebase article.